Q. What is Backflow Device?
A. Backflow is the reverse flow of water or other substances into the water supply.

Q. What is a Cross Connection?
A. A cross connection is any connection between a public water system, and any source of “non-potable” or “non-drinkable” liquid ,solid or gas.

Q. What is Backpressure?
A. Backflow resulting from pressures greater than the public water supply pressure.
Q. What is Backsiphonage?
A. Backflow resulting from negative pressures in the distributing pipes of a public water supply.

Q. What can cause a backflow condition?
A. backflow condition can happen in many ways. Some common causes include loss of pressure in the water supply from water use at a nearby fire, a broken water main, or backpressure from and elevated plumbing fixture, fire sprinkler or lawn sprinkler.

Q. How often does a device need testing?
A. The State of Florida and The City of Tallahassee Cross Connect Division requires devices to be tested on an annual basis. We provide this test at a very reasonable cost.

Q. Why should I have my device tested?
A. The State of Florida and The City of Tallahassee Cross Connect Division requires annual testing of backflow prevention devices by licensed technicians. Your backflow device is installed to protect your family and the public water supply.

Q. How much is the test?
A. The cost for testing a residential backflow preventer located outside and accessible to our technicians is $35.00.

Q. What if my backflow prevnter fails the test?
A. If your backflow preventer fails the test it will require service and/or repair. The device will then need to be re-tested.

Q. How do I pay for my test?
A. After we have tested your device you will receive your invoice, a copy of the test report and a self addressed envelope for payment. If you request your invoice can be sent via email or by mail.

Q. Are there any additional charges?
A. No additional charges without prior approval from the owner.